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Linen Drawer Product Information

Why should you buy bedding and bath linen from Linen Drawer?

Bed linen

  • Locally manufactured. We manufacture our products in Cape Town from imported percale fabrics. We have the ability to test and inspect the fabric and products – all under our control.
  • Long lasting.
    • The fabrics we use are tested for their durability and other physical parameters to ensure that we use good quality fabrics. We ensure that our products are suitable for the hospitality industry where performance/longevity is of crucial importance. The consumer of course also gets the benefit of this technology.
    • The finishing or sewing of the products is of exceptionally high quality and will not “fall apart” after a few washes.
  • Made to fit. The finished products are oversized to allow for shrinkage that takes place during washing and tumble drying. The products will be too big if they are not washed before making the bed. It is always recommended that the products are washed before use.
  • Luxurious. Our pure cotton percale fabrics are comfortable and luxurious due to the surface smoothness of the percale fabrics and the good moisture absorbency of cotton
  • Will not pill. The pure cotton fabrics will not “pill” – form small fibre balls on the surface of the fabric - as with many poly cotton fabrics.
  • Customised products. We can customise all our products to specific size, embroidery and satin stitch colours to suit your requirements.

We source a range of high quality products primarily from local manufacturers that are ideally suited for your requirements – fit for purpose.

Duvets and pillows

  • Fully washable. All products are fully machine-washable and tumble dryable. Down has been washed and sterilised reducing allergies.
  • Luxurious down proof pure cotton casings. All products are encased in pure cotton percale fabric making these very comfortable.


  • Highly durable. We supply snag proof towels in two weights that will stand up to 200 industrial washes.
  • Luxurious. We also supply luxurious heavier towels that are not snag proof.
  • Absorbent. All towels are pure cotton making them highly absorbent and durable.

Advice and support

We have extensive experience in the textile manufacturing and retail industries. We can provide the following additional services:

  • Advice on product suitability, sizing etc.
  • Recommendations on the maintenance of all products.
  • Problem solving especially in respect of laundry problems.

All of this can be accessed through the following:

  • Knowledgeable agents within South Africa and internationally.
  • Online enquiries through our website www.linendrawer.co.za and to info@linendrawer.co.za
  • Social media: Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Purchase of our e book or hard cover book “A Journey to the Laundry and Beyond”.
  • “In house” laundry workshops for the hospitality industry.
  • Presentations to various industries – hospitality, decorating etc.

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