The Linen Drawer Story

Do you sleep comfortably?

Linen Drawer believes that everyone should benefit from a good night’s sleep.

After realising just how many people were having restless nights tossing and turning,it became the passion of Linen Drawer’s founder, Jimmy Ferendinos to provide good quality linen and bedding that enhance sleeping comfort.

Linen Drawer started out as a fledgling company consisting of a small team working out of a garage. It has grown into a large manufacturing and retail operation in Paarl, South Africa.

Linen Drawer reaches a global market with an ever - expanding range of products for your bedroom, bathroom and table.

The Linen Drawer team shares this vision and will proudly assist you with your unique requirements

Offering 100% natural bed linen to you Linen Drawer leads the way in ensuring sleeping comfort stylishly.