Company Profile

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality, comfortable and stylish household textiles to our customers globally through an innovative, ethical, inspired and world-leading organisation and to educate our customers on the benefits and care of our products.

Our Story

Do you sleep comfortably?

Linen Drawer believes that everyone should benefit from a good night’s sleep. After realising just how many people were having restless nights tossing and turning, it became the passion of Linen Drawer’s founder, Jimmy Ferendinos, to provide good quality
linen and bedding that enhance sleeping comfort. Linen Drawer started out as a fledgling company consisting of a small team working out of a garage. It has grown into a large manufacturing and retail operation in Paarl, South Africa. Linen Drawer reaches a global market with an ever expanding range of products for your bedroom, bathroom and table. The Linen Drawer team shares this vision and will proudly assist you with your unique requirements. Offering 100% natural bed linen to you, Linen Drawer leads the way in ensuring sleeping comfort stylishly.

Corporate Background

In 2004 the owners of Linen Drawer decided to combine their extensive knowledge of fabrics with their vast experience in the retail and manufacturing industry in South Africa ....and so the concept of Linen Drawer was formed. Actual trading began towards the end of that year.

Our expertise is to source top quality pure cotton and linen fabrics that meet our exacting specifications to produce an extensive range of bedding and hence the Linen Drawer brand was introduced to the South African market. The bedding was well received by both the hospitality industry and décor industry around the country. Using our expertise of the industry we extended our range to source and supply duvet inners, throws, towelling and a host of related products that are suitable for the relevant industries. We were then able to offer a virtual one stop shop for bedding, towelling and soft furnishings for the hotel and décor industry.

We opened a showroom in Paarl in 2007 (our home town) and redesigned our website to function as a safe, secure yet simple to use, online bedroom and bathroom shop.

The business has expanded significantly over the years requiring a move to larger and better situated premises in Paarl during 2018. This has enabled the business to expand manufacturing capacity as well as product ranges.

Products & Services

Linen Drawer is essentially a producer of top quality, high thread count cotton and pure linen bedding, as well as a wholesaler and retailer of a comprehensive range of bed, table linen and related products.

Our product and service offering is targeted as follows:

  1. To the hotel industry we offer our entire product range through a growing network of competent agents into Africa and abroad. We focus on ensuring that the durability and performance of all our products are ideal for this industry. In addition to this we offer advice through workshops where hotel industry staff are trained on techniques and processes in the laundry as well as educating the industry regarding product selection, increasing the longevity of the products and reduction in costs.
  2. To the decorating industry we offer similar advice. Our entire product range plus the specialised service of customising products through embroidery, design and sizing. We are able to ensure that the bed and bath linen matches the décor of the bed and bath room.
  3. To the general public we offer our product range at retail prices, selling from our showroom in Paarl as well as directly from our online shop, where further information and recommendations are also available.

What sets Linen Drawer apart from our competitors?

  1. We focus on efficient service and delivery committing our entire team to ensuring that customer requirements are achieved. Integrity is a key driver for us and is evident through all areas of our business.
  2. Our products are all top quality. From our own range of Linen Drawer branded bedlinen, cotton throws, bath robes, towels, duvets, pillows and table linen... in fact, all of our products offer exceptional quality and value for money. Wherever possible, we make use of pure natural fabrics like cotton and pure linen... not only are they healthier, but they typically feel so much more luxurious than the synthetic equivalent. In addition, pure natural products often have a life span that exceeds that of the alternatives.
  3. We at Linen Drawer have a wealth of knowledge around fabrics, their properties, how to launder them and how to get the best use from the fabric/products. We are happy to share our extensive knowledge with you. On our website we have a page dedicated to stain removal and how to care for your bed and bath linen.