How to wash mohair blankets



By Camilla Swart

Wash by hand.

Deep tub with lukewarm water and mild detergent. (I use shampoo)

Hot water will cause wool and mohair to shrink and felt.

Soak the blanket for up to 30 minutes if very dirty, then gently squeeze and knead the blanket.

Drain off the water and gently press out excess water.

Fill the tub with cool water.

Swish the blanket around gently.

Drain water and repeat until no detergent remains and water is clear.

Do not wring, instead squeeze out the water and roll the blanket between two towels, pressing out excess moisture.

Dry flat, taking care not to stretch blanket.


Mohair dries very quickly.

Give your dry blanket a good shake to fluff up the pile of the blanket.

Enjoy your clean blanket!