Thank you

By Camilla Swart

It is with extreme gratefulness that I look back at 2022. It has been a year of unexpected blessings, which is the best kind of year to have.

In February we celebrated our first batch of machinist trainees, realising a long-held dream of a training school at Linen Drawer.  We have carried on training and upskilling machinists throughout the year and we are happy that so many have found permanent employment at Linen Drawer.

March was our first Open Day at the Premier Hotel in Sea Point.  A great success and to be repeated twice during 2022, once as a Spring Open Day at Linen Drawer, and as a second September Open Day at Premier Hotel again.  Wonderful opportunities to meet clients and share stories and ideas – open days are the icing on the cake for us!

Our newsletter became an online magazine – go to our website to see @linendrawer, we are very proud of our new baby!

Throughout a busy year with plenty of interesting and sometimes challenging deadlines we continued with out training programs, new developments of products and re-looking at our packaging materials. 

New products include the Stonewash throws, the 100% Cotton Comforters, the Cassandra range (hemstitched 400T/C), new colours on our 200T/C fabric, and many new and interesting customised products for clients.

We have had lots of fun doing photoshoots of new products as well as a new staff photo.  We will continue to share all these with you on social media and in @linendrawer our online magazine.

The year has been topped by our White November Sale – throughout the month of November we discounted certain lines and items drastically in order to clear space for all the new developments coming in the next couple of years.

Despite being busy, sometimes frazzled and fraught, the theme that ran through this year was that this was a new beginning after the horror of 2020 and the slow halting recovery of 2021.  Every order that came in from clients, every item purchased in the shop, every customer that returned with a request for product, was welcomed with gratitude. 

It is with this in mind that we want to thank everyone who has contributed to this year.

To our retail, décor and hospitality customers – a special huge thank you for supporting us and being part of our Linen Drawer family.  Without you, we would not exist!

Thank you to our suppliers (often asked to do the impossible), our manufacturing staff (who pulled out all the stops and never flinched) our administrative team  (who kept the ship firmly on course), our agents (who never stopped attending to new and existing clients), our showroom staff (who were charming and warm, displaying professionalism every time) and lastly to Jimmy and Mary Ferendinos, the owners of Linen Drawer, who led from the front and kept a steady hand on every aspect of the business.

In closing all I can say is – watch this space; next year is full of promise and surprises!

Thank you 2