Blue       By Camilla Swart

It is easy to blame the Co-vid pandemic for everything – yet what it has done is skewed our sense of purpose alarmingly.  We were pretty clear what role purpose played in our lives – family, work, exercise, achieve, goals and rewards.  Then BANG! 2020 the year of change.

Suddenly we were faced with something that made no sense, which was upsetting the basic structure of our lives, resulting in massive change.

Strangely, out of this grew a new purpose. A shift of perspective, a new coping for the survival mode we live in. Feel it around you – a steeliness, but also new kindness and hope.  We have been through the flame and come out harder, more flexible, stronger and with greater and altered purpose.

At Linen Drawer we have experienced this acutely.  And our purpose remains to provide high quality, stylish, household textiles to our customers and to educate our customers on the benefits and care of our products.

Linen Drawer is innovative, ethical and inspired.  We are intent on being even more flexible, more in touch with our customers’ requirements, as well as caring for our environment and community.

In order to live this way, to uphold these core values every day, requires a sense of purpose.

This leads to the question – what colour is purpose?  To me purpose is dark blue, solid steel grey, richest aubergine, chocolate brown.  And then the rewards are lightest minty green, palest lavender, misty green, sage, duck egg blue.

Look at the PURPOSE colour palette – chosen from hundreds of fashion colours for the coming year and year after.  These colours are all there, for use in décor and designing the environment we require now for our futures.

PURPOSE colour palette

Using the above colours in a décor scheme creates a moody yet fresh look. These slightly off-centre colours are refreshing and calming.  They allow our emotions to still and centre our minds.

Look at the products that Linen Drawer has gathered with this colour palette in mind:



Use the new colours of Purpose to shift your comfort zones and decorate with these wonderful strong tones and textures.

Looking forward to seeing you in our retail store or on our website!