Angora goats                                               Angora fleeces - mohair                            Angora goats

By Camilla Swart

There is nothing more comforting than being warm when it is cold outside. 

One of my few memories of discomfort as a child, was when my mom insisted on heaping blankets on us during the bitterly cold Karoo winter nights. I was warm, but immobile.  

Imagine my relief and joy at the fact that Linen Drawer is now a stockist of mohair blankets.  At last, supreme warmth with very little weight!

Linen Drawer has sourced mohair blankets from a South African producer who has their herd of angora goats in the Western Cape.  They follow the Sustainable Mohair Industry production guidelines(https://www.angoras.co.za/page/sustainable-mohair-production-guidelines) which regulate the shearing practices and ensures no animals are harmed during shearing. 

Mohair is labour intensive to produce and weave, thereby providing jobs for the local community.  The blankets are woven near Plettenberg Bay and are an essential factor in job creation in the rural Southern Cape.

Mohair is a 100% natural fibre, and a is fully sustainable and biodegradable.


 Angora/mohair showing natural curl and lustre                                             Angora/Mohair showing smooth curls of fleece

Amazingly warm and lightweight, the natural lustre of a mohair blanket is both luxurious and practical.  The smooth fibres of mohair, with their characteristic sheen, make it naturally soil repellent. Mohair blankets can be washed successfully, look forward to my next blog where I tackle the subject, or contact us at info@linendrawer.co.za


However, after a winter on your bed, all they really need is spot cleaning if necessary, a good shake, and some sunlight (laid flat) to refresh them!

The durable luxury and warmth of mohair blankets will ensure you never have to suffer from cold toes or be immobilised by heavy bedding again!