Maroon flowers

By Camilla Swart

Introducing the new Colour of the Year by Pantone:

What a colour! What a year it’s going to be with Viva Magenta as our backdrop.

This colour vibrates with vigour and life. Expressive of strength and change this shade is rooted in nature as being part of the red shades that are increasingly becoming popular in the fashion and décor industries.

Electrifying and expressing pure joy, this shade encourages experimentation and self-expression.  The base of this vibrant shade is Cochineal, the red dyestuff derived from the dried pulverised bodies of cactus eating scale insect’s native to tropical and sub-tropical America.  Nowadays the dye is entirely made from chemicals, and not insects.

Fortunately, Viva Magenta seamlessly matches and complements many of the more basic décor colours.  It acts as a highlight or focal point in a décor scheme, however, you could paint a whole wall Magenta and experience the sheer joy of this powerful colour!

At Linen Drawer we welcome this strong bright shade, and would use it as a row of satin-stitching or as an embroidery colour for a pop on white, taupe or graphite bedding.  It might be too enlivening to sleep entirely wrapped in Viva Magenta!

Be bold and use this colour to celebrate a new year and the opportunity for a brand-new narrative!