Stains – Fatty or Coloured…or worse….both.


All of us have struggled with stains at some point in our lives. Whether it is in a restaurant, guesthouse or hotel or at home with clothes and more. There is nothing worse than sitting with a stain and not knowing what to do.

We recommend that you first ascertain what type of stain it is, as you get fatty stains or coloured stains and then toughest of all is when it is combined stains.To identify a fatty stain, look for the visibility and appearance of oil, grease or wax on the surface of the fabric. It will create a distinct discoloration. For colour stains, easily enough it is visible because of the the colour of the stain on the surface of the fabric. For example wine,grass, rust or coffee stains. As you see in the pic on the right, there is a terrible stain that has formed.

Typical examples of combined stains are lipstick or curry. These are sometimes hard to remove. Remember that the most important thing is to get to the stain as fast as possible. Most of you will know that if you’ve spilled red wine or coffee on clothes or table cloths etc and you immediately rinsed it under lukewarm to hot water ( sometimes even cold does the trick), that the stain completely disappeared. Soak and wash colour stains in warm – hot water with detergents. Stubborn stains should be treated with chemicals and then bleaching agents as a completely last resort and then with great care.

Fatty stains should be soaked and washed at high temperatures with detergents containing enzymes. Treat stubborn fatty stains with solvents. Never let the solvent dry on the item before washing.

Combined stains might require a combination of these two processes. Remember that every situation differs and have factors that affect it. Should you be interested take a look at some of our recommended stain removal tips for certain stains on our website under Need Help in the Laundry. Good luck as well with all your stain challenges!! Or as the pic on the left top states…….give it to your mother, she knows what to do.