Spring cleaning is good for you

spring clean is good   spring clean is good   spring clean is good

By Camilla Swart

Spring has sprung and September is the perfect time for a mammoth clean up!  It doesn’t have to be a great effort, but it will take some thought and decision making.  I guarantee you that you will feel lighter and freer after it all.

Cluttered, untidy environments are bad for our brains.  We have been wired to function optimally in fairly spartan surroundings.  Clutter leads, and contributes, to feelings of anxiety. Our minds react to orderliness and we feel comfortable around certainty.

Studies show that people who live in cluttered environments are likely to have trouble sleeping and are more likely to procrastinate.  Disorganisation weighs on our psyche and can make us feel cluttered and weighed down.

A disorganised environment is a constant reminder of things left undone and can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and out of control.

However – there is HOPE!!

Marie Kondo, a Japanese cleaning consultant, wrote a book in 2014 called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her ground-breaking methods resulting in a movement called the KonMari Method, which tackles organising your possessions category-by category, rather than room by room.

The steps the Method recommend are as follows:

·         Tackle categories, not location

·         Can you see your possessions – or are they too crowded and cluttered?

·         Nostalgia is not your friend

·         Discarding items not longer used, feels GOOD!

·         Fold items to be visible

·         Learn the KonMari folding method                (visit https://konmari.com/ to learn more)

Tackle the items in your home in the following order:

·         Clothes

·         Books

·         Papers

·         Miscellaneous Items

·         Sentimental Items

I am not recommending discarding everything; items that have, and always will, give you joy are ‘keepers’.  However, hanging onto something for sentimental reasons, cannot be advised. 

If it has no use except to stir nostalgia, it should go. You will be amazed how life changing discarding items that have no use in your life can be!

Which brings me to the rather oblique point – under Miscellaneous Items, slot in bed linen.  Those long-suffering items that you have been unwilling to discard, because some-how they are “still good”.  Every time you use them, you make a mental note – buy some new bed linen!

At Linen Drawer we employ the KonMari method of tidying to our website (new website under construction – watch this space), our shop (every item has a purpose and is clearly visible) and our product list (beautiful luxurious essentials).  By doing this we make way for innovation and growth.  Renewal needs space to happen.

You will find a team of people at Linen Drawer ready to help you renew your bed and bath linens.  By eliminating what you don’t need, and acquiring exactly what you do, your sleeping comfort is assured.  Sleeping comfort leads to a better quality of life all round.

We can assist with the choice of thread count, sizes of bed linen, care of bed linen, bath towel suggestions, accessories like gowns and slippers and any other products that you may require to ease you into spring – freshly and cleanly!

Visit our website https://www.linendrawer.co.za/ , or our Paarl shop, for the most sensible choices of enduringly beautiful bed linen.