Sleeping Comfort

By Camilla Swart

Ta-daa!!     sleeping comfort

Introducing Linen Drawer’s newest product – PURE COTTON DUVET INNERS!

I have been privileged to own one of these duvet inners for a while now, and I can honestly say that my sleeping life has changed!  Having a ‘hot’ sleeping partner is great, but not a joke when they are always too warm and you are always too cold.

I am fortunate to own pure cotton bedding, and can testify to the joys of a 100% pure cotton duvet inner!

Firstly, one notices the weight – very lightweight, a huge advantage if you dislike being trapped under heavy bedding.  Secondly, something I can only call the ‘cool snuggliness’- being exactly the right temperature in your bed.  Knowing that whatever the variances in temperature in your bedroom, throughout the night, you will be comfortable.

Washing this duvet inner is a breeze.  It can be machine washed and either line dried or tumble dried.  The pure cotton casing, block quilting, and cotton bound edges all ensure that it is a durable product of the highest quality.

Cotton does not absorb odours, so that cotton bedding, and in particular a 100% cotton duvet inner, keeps your bedroom fresher for longer.

Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, and is therefore the best choice for sensitive skin and allergies.  Sleep quality is enhanced due to the breathability of cotton – it absorbs moisture (perspiration) during sleep, without leaving you feeling clammy and sweaty, and hereby helps to regulate your ‘sleeping body’ temperature.

sleeping comfort           sleeping comfort  sleeping comfort


Raw cotton before spinning and weaving     Cotton fibres                           Pure cotton Duvet Inner


Linen Drawer stands for sleeping comfort – the concept underpins everything we do, and these 100% pure cotton duvet inners sit comfortably alongside our other pure cotton and linen products.

Make you bed the best it can be with pure cotton bed linen and a 100% pure cotton duvet inner from Linen Drawer.  You will feel the difference after one night’s sleep, and be ready to seize the day and the new year!