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By Camilla Swart

Apparently, we are supposed to sleep 30 to 60minutes more every day during winter. The word ‘hibernation’ leaps to mind.

Should you wish to follow this advice, I can tell you how to make your bed thoroughly, using all the different components to ensure comfortable and lengthy sleep.

Imagine your bed entirely naked – just the frame and the mattress.  If you have a solid bed with legs and head and foot boards you can skip the next step.

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   Bed – without mattress                                                                                     Bed base without headboard

If you have a bed base which your mattress rests on and a separate headboard, then the first step is to fit the bed wrap, or bed skirt.  This is the fabric that disguises your bed base. It is important that this fits properly, otherwise it could present a sad picture.

Simple Bed Base Wrap - Shop Online | NAP Living         Bed base showing grey Bed-wrap

Next up is your mattress. This comes on the bed base, and hopefully it is the best you can afford. If you are in any doubt, please contact us or for answers to all bed and mattress related questions.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cooling Gel and BioFoam | Brentwood Home  Mattress topper       Mattress topper

Before you do anything more, I suggest that you now put on your mattress topper.  This is a pad of memory foam, latex, down, or microfibre that gives you an extra layer of comfort.  If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you are probably comfortable enough as is.

Protection Matters: What Is A Mattress Protector? - Bed Consultant          Best mattress protector 2023: 6 tried and tested mattress protectors to  keep your bed feeling fresh AF | Real Homes

Fitting a Mattress Protector                                 Mattress protector

Next you will be putting your mattress protector onto the mattress.  This is a covering that fits over the mattress, often quilted, and sometimes water-proof. It is also very important that this fits snugly as wrinkles could cause discomfort.

Now is the time to put the electric blanket onto the bed. If you don’t have one proceed to the next step, which is the fitted sheet.

Just a side note – if you have an electric blanket, it is lovely to have a protector for that as well.  I like to use a flannel (brushed cotton) fitted sheet over the electric blanket. Fitting snugly, this keeps my electric blanket clean for longer, and holds everything in place.

Fitted Sheets | Buy For All Bed Sizes | Sheet Society           Bed Linens & Bed Linen Sets - IKEA

Bottom of fitted sheet                         Snugly fitting Fitted sheet

Now for the fitted sheet. And it really does need to fit.

A good fitted sheet is snug over the top of the mattress and ‘tucks’ under at the corners and sides – riding up or not being able to reach under the mattress means it is the wrong size/depth for the mattress.


Mainstays 300TC Cotton Rich Percale Easy Care Bed Sheet, Arctic White Queen Flat  Sheet -        The Complete Bed Sheet Sizes Guide |   Flat sheet on bed

I recommend using a flat sheet before putting your duvet inner and cover onto the bed. It protects the duvet cover from bodily oils and perspiration, as well as not getting your toes snagged in the bottom opening!

The flat sheet is generally laid on with the right side facing the mattress, so that when turned over at the top, the right-side shows. As you see bed making can be very ‘specific’.

6 Duvet Covers We Love in 2023 | Reviews by Wirecutter        Cotton Duvet Cover Set White 400TC 100% Long Staple Cotton Bedding Set.  Pizuna Linens | South Africa | Zando   Duvet cover with duvet inner

Ensure that the duvet inner is inserted smoothly into the duvet cover, and that it is positioned on the bed with the opening towards the bottom of the bed. Fold the flat sheet over the top of the duvet and position your pillows the way you like them.

Pillows are a personal matter – we could devote a whole blog to the types and choices. Suffice to say ‘sleep on what you find comfortable’ and have as many as you like!

Bed Pillow Images - Free Download on Freepik          Types of Bed Pillows  Various pillow arrangements

For additional warmth and styling, you can add a quilt.  Fold it or lay it on the bed whichever way you like. 

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 Quilt                                             Throw over end of bed                                       Throw casually draped

Alternatively, you can add a throw to the bottom of the bed – folded or draped across the foot of the bed, adding extra warmth and style to your bed. For inspiration look at the throws available at Linen Drawer

Whichever way you decide to style your bed – whether you have two pillows or twenty – it is where you will spend one third (approximately 33 years) of your life!

Shouldn’t you be enjoying sleeping comfort?