By Camilla Swart

Linen Drawer prides itself for providing supreme sleeping comfort to its clients, so when it came to naming our new range of bed linen, who other than the Greek goddess of the moon and sleep to lend her name. 


Inspired by this goddess, we decided to name the new range Selene. 

It is as gentle and serene as the moon, being white 200 thread count 100% cotton percale which is characterised by its cool smoothness and excellent durability.


Navy piping                                                    Duck egg piping                                            Taupe piping

The Selene range is made up of duvet covers and pillowcases with piped edges.  Piping is a very subtle way to elevate a standard duvet cover or pillowcase and the colour highlights the brilliant white of the 200-thread count cotton percale

Sleep is utterly necessary to all humans.  It is nature’s way to revitalise the brain and allows our muscles to relax utterly. 

Bed linen and bedding that enhance sleeping comfort allow for a restful night’s sleep. At Linen Drawer that is all we want to do – bring you a great sleep experience, stylishly!