Showing our true colours

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Colour means everything to us, although most of our products at Linen Drawer are white!  This sounds like a classic contradiction – but we provide products to the décor, hospitality and private sector and these clients are governed by colour choices.  We also have many products that support our bed linen which are variously hued; like towels, Horizon throws, blankets, and tabling.

In order to identify and chose the next colours of the products we wish to introduce, we need to analyse colour trends very carefully and choose a colour palette to carry us into the next year, as well as choose colours that match with our existing ranges.  Easy? Not really, when there are so many influences and choices to be made. 

Seen below is a sample of the colour trends for 2017, truly mind boggling!  Each season has its particular colour palette as well, which makes choosing 7 colours for a basic palette very difficult.  Our job is to choose the most dominant colours according to trends as well as to know what the directions are in colour trends so that the whole palette has continuity into 2018 as well.                                    


In a previous blog (FEELING BLUE, SEEING RED) I touched on the effect of colour on our emotions.  These were also considerations when we chose the new colours for our 2017 and 2018 colour palettes.  We would just hate to chose colours that had more negative connotations than positive!

Having considered all the above, had meetings and creative brainstorming sessions, we have decided on the colours for the next two years.  We will launch these colours on this blog and would like to offer you a teaser in the form of our new colours for our ever popular and award winning Horizon Throws.

We developed the Horizon Throws in conjuction Hextex in Worcester who knit them for us.  The development took months as did the deliberation on the range of colours in which they would be knitted.  We launched the product very sucessfully and then introduced our Baby Horizon Throws.  In 2016 we set about improving the products and choosing new colours to add to the range. 

Our range will now include a new size too – Travel Throws.  These will be available in all our current colours as well as our new colours.  The new colours are Gull, Heather and Sienna.  Gull is a mid toned grey, very versatile(Pantone col 18-1703 TPX)   Heather is a lovely dusky purple (Pantone 18-3718 TPX) and Sienna  (Pantone 18-1448 TPX) sits strongly on the line between brick and orange.  To see the new colours visit

However, that is not all we are offering you that is new!  Our Baby Horizon Throws are also gaining two new colours:  Gull and Sage, which complement the White, Pink and Blue very well and offer  greater versatality when decorating the nursery.  These colours also complement our new Designer Baby Range as well as our existing Baby range designs.

I hope you areas excited about our new colours and sizes  for our Horizon Throws ranges as I am?  It is  wonderful to see the results of months of planning and deliberation bearing fruit.  Colour, and our perceptions of colour play an enormous role in our lives and we strive to bring you colours that soothe, uplift and comfort you.  We would love everyone to own a Horizon Throw in our beautiful new colours.

By Camilla Swart