Reasons for using 100% Flax Linen for Your Garments and Sheets

While researching linen, I found many Scriptural reasons as well as scientific benefits which explain
why Flax Linen is such a wonderful fabric.
Here are just a few:

Bed Sore Resistant: According to Japanese medical research studies,
bed-ridden patients do NOT develop bedsores when linen bed sheets are used.

Compatible: The flax cell is highly compatible with the human cell. 

Hygroscopic, Permeable:   Linen rapidly absorbs moisture (water, sweat and other body fluids);
yet, it also yields moisture rapidly making it highly hygroscopic.
Hygienic: Linen is considered to be hygienic helping to relieve allergies and is used to filter fallout, radiation and gamma rays.

Filters:   Homes are known to collect radioactive gas such as radon,
especially after the installation of tightly sealing plastic windows.
Thermogenic:  Linen is comprised of heat conductivity and high air permeability properties.
Its heat conductivity is 5 times higher than wool’s and 19 times than that of silk. 

Support Hormones: These properties help make a patient feel fresh and cool; yet,
 helps keep them warmer or cooler as it is an adaptogen to the present temperature needed. 

Anti-static:  Probably due to its 5,000 signature frequency and ability to reduce static in the body,
 Linen is known for helping to reduce fatigue and lift spirits. 

EMF Friendly:  Some studies indicate that the body may be protected from
 damaging electromagnetic frequencies especially when near electronic appliances,   computers,  Wi-Fi, cell phones, etc. 

Purity of White: The studies on the colour white and the reflection of light in linen is known to increase the body’s frequency energy adding more life and energy to those wearing and  using linen.
Promotes Restful Sleep: Reported by many to promote better rest and sleep.

Durability: Linen is durable.  Unlike some cottons that yellow with time,
 linen is prone to remain white and softer with each wash.

Hypo-allergenic:  Helps avoid allergies causes by other fibres.

Burns: Burn and sunburn victims and those with problematic or hypersensitive skin
 or who suffer from dermatological disorders are often prescribed to sleep in or on
 white linen bedding to help relieve pain and discomfort.

Promotes Good Stewardship:  Helps us to be good stewards of YHWH’s creation and promote a balanced environment since flax is a renewable resource and the linen produced from it is fully Biodegradable.

Anti-Viral:  Recent research conducted has confirmed that choosing pure linen sheets
 and clothing allowing for daily contact with the flax fabric may help to promote and increase the blood levels of immunoglobulin.

Odour Resistant:  Pure linen helps to destroy bad odours. 

Fertility Support:  Recent studies have demonstrated that female fertility
may be significantly increased by sleeping and procreating on pure white linen sheets.