By Camilla Swart                                                           

“A gift for everyone to appreciate and enjoy”.  That is how I see the natural world around us. Sometimes challenging, but mostly awe-inspiring.

We are the custodians of the natural world surrounding us.  It is our duty to nurture our world.  The smallest actions have impact, leading to lasting change. Open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you!

At Linen Drawer we embrace nature.  Our bed, bath and table linens are made of natural fibres because we realise the real benefit, they hold for us.  Sleeping comfort, aligned with physical comfort, can be achieved easily by using natural cotton, linen, wool and down.

Our third range of colours for 2022/23/24 is called NATURE. Inspired quite simply by the natural colours of the world.


Ranging from a pale yellowy green through to a deep cinnamon brown and dark forest green; these are the colours of leaves, bark, soil, stems, mushrooms, and fresh growth.

These colours have been trending for a while, with the re-emphasis on all shades of green.  Green has become such a useful, restful colour, which somehow seems to match seamlessly with the colours we already have. 

Shades of NATURE can be described as being both relaxing and powerful.  The subtle neutrals of NATURE combined with the colours from COMFORT and PURPOSE render wonderful, fresh combinations.

The strength of dark olive, teal green, cinnamon, and bark add depth to any décor scheme and anchor other contrasting or complimentary shades.



Shades of olive, cinnamon                                          Shades of sage and forest green

Nature reminds us that we are not immortal.  Sometimes this is a sharp realisation that our lives also have a natural progression – we are born, learn and grow, learn more and achieve, learn and mature, give and leave. Hopefully we have not wasted our time and have given more than we have taken – which is the true sum of our achievement.

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Enlightenment should not come at the expense of comfort. Linen Drawer makes a point of using natural products that have been ethically manufactured and responsibly sourced.  Linen Drawer, together with The Clothing Bank, recycle and re-purpose past-loved bed linens.

Look at these products from Linen Drawer which fall very neatly into the NATURE colour palette:


Taupe 200T/C pure cotton bed linen                        Cream 200T/C pure cotton bed linen