Making your bedroom seem new…

New Bedroom

Having bedding that is of superb quality and lasts extra long, sometimes make it seem harder to give you’re bedroom a face lift. Why would you buy new bedding if it’s not neccesary. So you find yourself standing in your bedroom and would love to give it a fresh look.  However, you’re bedlinen is still fine and looking good. You also might not have the budget to redo your whole room at once. What to do? Throw in the proverbial towel……………………..?  We think not!

Here are a few simple ideas of how to give your room a fresh new look.

Firstly, when you start out, aim to have 2 bedding sets (or consider this when replacing some bedding), one for on the bed and one for in the wash. If possible, have one duvet cover plain and one with a colour or design or something different.

The next step is to look at you curtains or blinds and decide whether that needs changing. Curtains can make blinds seem fresh if you add light organza or short curtains. This will all depend on your overall theme or idea that you have for your room.

Next, look at possibly buying new lamps or re-doing your current ones by adding a bit of bling. Never underestimate the power of moving your furniture around. This can make the old seem brand new. Adding scatter cushions or blankets / throws can also add splashes of colour and new life. In the end, remember that less is more and have fun.  Next we’ll be discussing how to fold a fitted sheet for packing away. This can be quite a mission as you know. So keep an eye out for some fabulous info on choosing the correct size to packing it away. Have a great day.