By Camilla Swart

Since sharing is caring, I need to share this latest, most influential décor trend with you: It’s been named Coastal Grandmother by Tik Tok influencer Lex Nicoleta, and it’s taking the world by storm – both in fashion and décor.

I tend to be very sceptical where flashy trends are concerned, so it was with a rather jaded eye that I approached Coastal Grandmother. However, I can honestly tell you that I am blown away.

This trend is the answer to our fast-paced and ever-lastingly busy lives, where every moment is to savoured and filled. It is both calming and comfortable, without being fussy, home-made, or cluttered.  Easy to achieve and maintain, Coastal Grandmother style is here to stay!

Breaking down the décor style is simple really – calming shades of cream, white (all fifty shades of white), stone, beige, sand and pebble.  Throw in some blues – from palest washed denim to dark Delft blue.  Add some muted gold and silver, and some pale yellow, pale coral and lightest sage green. Here are the colours below:


There are no ‘beachy’ additions to Coastal Grandmother – not a fake seagull, little boat or seashell in sight!  The whole look is based on elegant colours, pale and pared back, with lots of comfort and texture. 

Start with white or cream, on walls and large surfaces. We want as much light to enter as possible.

Then add natural fibre carpets, textured rugs, or

The whole décor look is one of comfort and style – which dovetails precisely with the ethos of Linen Drawer.  We embrace this trend/style direction as it’s tailor-made for our products! 

Look at the wonderful items you can shop for – making it so much easier to transform your home into the sanctuary it should be. 




Coastal Grandmother style is a cinch when shopping at Linen Drawer – let’s just say that we love the décor look and our products fit into the style.

The basis of pure cotton, linen and natural products has always been what Linen Drawer stood for, and that is the underpinning theme running through the whole of Coastal Grandmother style.

Simply said – we like this Gogo!