By Camilla Swart

I must admit I was curious – how and when did people start knitting? 

As it turns out – no one knows.  Fragments of knitted socks were found dating back to about 1000 AD.  However, these we so detailed and complex that they were obviously the product of a ‘knitting culture’. 

Stockings and socks were some of the earliest knitted products. The progress and spread of knitted garments really took off in Europe from about 1400AD.  There are even paintings of the Madonna knitting.  That’s quite an endorsement!

I really don’t know who knitted the first blanket, but they must have realised it was a good invention.  Flexible, soft, warm and supple – knitting lends itself to comfort and warmth.

The Horizon Throw was the first knitted blanket developed at Linen Drawer.  It was an instant success. The combination of practicality and good looks made it a great gift, lovely blanket, cosy baby blanket and comforting throw!

Following in these footsteps, is the Harmony Blanket.  Knitted in an attractive moss stitch from pure cotton, it is as successful.  Harmony blankets can be machine washed and tumble dried and are available in fashionable shades of coral, new stone, slate and denim blue.


Coral                             Stone                           Slate                             Denim Blue

Washing and use enhances the soft, cosy luxury of these knitted blankets.  Every bed should have one; every patio should have them draped or folded for use on cooler evenings; every baby should have at least two; and every granny should definitely have one to cuddle her grandchildren in. 

Knitted blankets are here to stay, as they make perfect sense in our frenetic and rushed lives.  We need their comfort, warmth and soft cosiness.

A toast to the first knitter! Out there, in the ether, we salute you!