By Camilla Swart

You can shop the world – ‘buy with one click’ is easy and effortless.

So why would you decide to buy from a South African company, located in a small Boland town?

Quite simply – the Linen Drawer Values.

At Linen Drawer we are not unique in that we have strong core values, which underpin our way of operating as a business. But what makes us unique, is that we have not changed or deviated from those values for the last 19 years. Everything we do is informed by them.

Linen Drawer manufactures bed and table linen from fabric sourced locally, if possible, or overseas, if not. Our suppliers of towels and blankets are also local and the emphasis is to support local (South African) businesses. Our employees are from the surrounding area, and we use services that are offered in Paarl, or if needs be, further afield within South Africa.

Admirable? Yes, but as they say, “There’s more!”

Linen Drawer is the only supplier of such products which supports the customer throughout their product choices. We offer customers advice and support. All the time.

Linen Drawer has realised that customers are drawn to the quality of bed linen that they offer. Long lasting fabrics, with high performance specs in respect of strength and light fastness are what you will find at Linen Drawer.

Due to our experience in the textile manufacturing industry, we provide additional services to enhance our customer focus:

  • Advice on product suitability, sizing etc.
  • Recommendations on product maintenance.
  • Problem solving in respect of laundry and stain removals.

The best sewing thread is used to ensure seam stability, and all bed linen is made with ‘shrinkage included’ – this means that bed linen is slightly oversized to accommodate the natural shrinking of cotton after washing.

Because the fabrics used are of high standard, it stands to reason that they have a luxurious ‘feel.’ Our 200 and 300 thread count percale is crisp and smooth, while the 400 and 600 thread count sateens have a sublte sheen and unparalleled softness.

This is where luxury translates into necessity, as the fabrics are ultra comfortable to sleep in!

Linen Drawer is one of the few manufacturers that offer customised bed linen. Special sized and shaped mattresses are catered for, and embroidery, satin, or hemstitching can be used to embellish any product the customer requires.

At Linen Drawer we are happy to share our extensive knowledge of fabric, its properties and how to get the best use from it. We are a phone call or email away – and we will try to help with any query.

Linen Drawer customers are for life – you become part of a family that cares about ethical, sustainable sourcing, local employment, innovative new developments, and continuous improvement.

I have often said ‘it only takes one pillowcase.’ After sleeping on our bed linen, it is exceptionally easy to become a Linen Drawer convert!


Contact us at:


                        021 872 0108

                       12F Louw’s Avenue, Paarl, Western Cape.