By Camilla Swart

So much has been written about the health benefits of being grateful.  We are told our minds and bodies respond in amazing ways to the benefits of being truly grateful.

I don’t dispute this for one moment.  I have personally felt the benefits of gratitude. Life changing and heady, you feel touched and loved by the world.

I have realised that fortunately we are all different.  I might be grateful that I have a car that works and you might be grateful that your art exhibition has sold out.

Bearing this in mind – that there are multiple levels of gratefulness – as basic as having a meal, to being able to play a Chopin Nocturne perfectly - let me run a few of my favourite ‘points of gratefulness’ by you:

Your body, the fact that you can breathe naturally, you can move, walk, climb stairs, run, jump and dance. 

Health – at whatever level you are. You are alive. You still are experiencing the gift of life.

Your home – even if it’s not really the way you really want it.  It’s a home where you are safe and hopefully loved. Where you enjoy the company of your partner or your family.

Your friends and life partners. Friendship is vital to us human beings; we thrive in the presence of true friends who accept us as we are.

At Linen Drawer, which I am part of, we are enormously grateful that we have made it through a year which has challenged all of us tremendously. 

We are grateful for the suppliers and clients who stood by us. For all the people who contributed to us getting here – shaky, wounded, but standing tall again and growing!

 That’s it – I’ll stop now, or else I am going to sound like the ‘Sunscreen Song’

See you next year!