“How do I know what duvet to buy?” THE ISSUE OF SIZE.

Ever wonder why your duvet doesn’t cover the bed? We’ll tell you why.

 My Hubby is always hogging the duvet. Guess what, we have the solution.

Freezing at night because your partner has hogged the duvet is not what you’d call ideal. Right? Most of the time, this is because the duvet is the wrong size. Now spending money on a good quality inner (and cover) is definitely worth while, making sure it’s the ideal size is almost as important. Now if you’d like to know more, read on......


You’ve spent the money and the duvet is all it promised to be, yet you never see any of it. Have you looked at your bed size lately? Odd as this may sound, it’s key to solving your problem. Say for instance you have a king size bed you’d buy a king size duvet, right...this may be wrong. This is what you’ve been told or taught as being the norm. And though there is nothing wrong with this, it does affect how much of the duvet you’ll have.

 These days, most mattresses are extra deep, so already you lose some coverage here. Add in some extras (like humans and pets) and away goes the duvet. You might be placing two beds together, for unexpected guests or as a standard in a Guesthouse or Hotel. Point is you need to keep everyone happy.

So, let’s talk facts. If you have two Single beds and push them together, you’d end up with a King size bed. (Table below measurements – Bed sizes on the left versus duvet sizes across the top). When working with the table, the cm’s indicated give the overhang on either side of the bed. A king duvet will have a 23.5cm overhang on each side on a king bed. So if for instance you have a 30cm deep mattress your duvet will not cover the mattress. (Oxford or S/Stitch duvet covers – add overhang of 7cm’s more.) So if you’re fighting the nightly tug of war fight, take a look and invest in the right size duvet.Does that sound like the solution you need? Well then Go ahead, snuggle up and enjoy!!