By Camilla Swart

There is no feeling quite like that of slipping into a freshly made bed that has crisp, clean cotton sheets. 

The scent of clean cotton is indescribable, and registers at a purely subliminal level.  The feeling of the crisp cotton on your skin, both cool and comforting, is pure luxury. 

Cotton sheets make me feel good about the world.  They are a small indulgence.  Cotton sheets and pillowcases allow your body to breathe, wick away moisture (perspiration) and feel cool to the touch all night.

Okay, you say, got the point.  So where to start?

Start with 200 thread count 100% pure cotton percale.  Never underestimate this basic cotton fabric.  Pure cotton is cool and comfortable, and very durable. Look for a good fabric by holding it to the light – it must look tightly woven with no light patches of uneven weaving. 

Then, why not, graduate to 300 thread count 100% pure cotton percale?

Smoother and crisper than its 200-thread count cousin, it delivers a mighty dollop of coolness and crispness.  Again, do the holding to the light test, and feel the surface of the fabric.  It should feel smooth and silky when stroked, yet have a crisp texture when bunched in the hand.

You want more?  Okay, there’s the 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen, or a 600 thread count 100% cotton sateen.  Since we’re all into luxury now, expect extreme smoothness, softness rather than crispness, and a silky cool feel against the skin. 

For those that love that ‘satin sheets’ feel these are the ultimate choices. The sateen weave of the 400 and 600 thread counts delivers silky softness while keeping you marvellously cool throughout the night. 

The wonderful coolness and comfort of cotton for sleeping comfort is absolutely undeniable.  It is the only choice of fabric for hot summer nights, in that it helps the sleeping body maintain an even temperature. 

At Linen Drawer we have made sleeping comfort our motto.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the pure cotton bed linen we manufacture and sell.  We offer you informed choices depending on your preferences, as well as guidance on what might be the right thread count and ‘feel’ of bed linen for you. 

There is no doubt that Linen Drawer is the natural choice for pure cotton bed linen, towels, gowns, blankets and other bed or bath products.

Pay us a visit and see for yourself how cool cotton really is!