A Heart full of Courage

By Camilla Swart

In the age we live in, courage seems a slightly old-fashioned virtue.  Courage requires you to acknowledge the risks and perils, your own weakness or inability, yet to persevere despite everything against you. 

Raising a child, being a father, requires large dollops of courage, blind faith and nerves of steel.  It was Barack Obama who said “Any fool can have a child. That doesn’t make you a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father”. As a second-hand observer of fatherhood, that seems absolutely true!

Conclusively fatherhood is not for ‘sissies’. Signing up to be a father, or to father some-one, is a huge commitment.  The rewards can be tremendous, yet great fathers are often under-appreciated and not acknowledged.

heart full of courage heart full of courage heart full of courage



At Linen Drawer we honour and appreciate the role of fathers and fathering.  As a predominantly female staffed company, we often speak about fathers and how they influence our lives, by their strength, protection, and support.  We suggest you do the following to show your Dad how much you appreciate him:

Start the day with a lovely gift for Dad from Linen Drawer.  A sumptuous pure cotton Velour gown, in stone or black with his monogram embroidered on the front chest is a great way to kick off Father’s Day.

heart full of courage     heart full of courage


Alternatively, an Egyptian cotton gown is a great option.  Match it with a pair of slippers – also available at Linen Drawer.


What about a set of luxuriously soft towels from Linen Drawer, in his favourite colour, just for him?  These can even be embroidered with his name or nickname, so that they belong to him exclusively!

heart full of courage   heart full of courage



In addition to a personal gift, it is important to spend time with your father.  There are so many wonderful ways to show that very special man how much he means to you.  Treat him to a craft beer tasting, or have a braai together, explore the great outdoors, go on a tour which caters to his particular interest, or just spend time talking about his interests – whatever they may be.  Time and interested attention are the most precious gifts of all.

At Linen Drawer we understand the pressures that face fathers and the incredible sacrifices that go into being a father.  We praise you and appreciate your role in society, and thank you for being there when we need you!