By Camilla Swart

Do you realise that every time you buy a product that is made locally, from locally sourced materials, you are investing in our country?

That’s a good feeling right there!

At Linen Drawer we believe that it is imperative to use local labour and to support local suppliers.  Most of our suppliers share these same values. Today I want to highlight one, whose caring and commitment inspire us.

They are the manufacturers of our hand-woven mats. 

Humble beginnings, family values and care for their community, have accompanied the growth and success of this company.  Employing and teaching women from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds, has resulted in an empowered and committed workforce.

Every mat is made using ancient methods of weaving, all done by hand. Hand-weaving is slow.  Watching the weaving process and observing the skill of the weavers, makes you realise the value of the product that is being made. 

Handmade is heart made.


New range cotton hand made rugs      Charcoal borders cotton rug                White, natural and charcoal mats

Because we know that feeling good is physical as well as mental, we also offer a yoga mat with handy carrier.  This mat can be customised by embroidering on your monogram, favourite quote or family crest. 


Easy to carry to class                     Pure cotton with woven ‘alignment’ stripe and carrier

These beautifully durable mats are available at Linen Drawer. We are proud to offer them to our clients, knowing that they are backed by solid values as well as stringent quality standards. 

Pop into our retail store in Paarl, or onto our website, to have a look at these hand-woven mats.  https://linendrawer.co.za/index.php/bathroom-shop/bath-mats