General Washing Recommendations

  • Check wash labels - Check all wash labels before washing and drying and sort the laundry into similar groups. Wash and dry products at similar temperatures and conditions.
  • Wash dark colours separately - Separate light and dark colours to ensure that there is no staining of the light products by any dyes that are removed during washing.
  • Do Not overload the machines - Do not overload washing and tumble drying machines to avoid creasing and damaging of the fabrics.
  • Separate stained items - Separate stained products and treat them according to our recommendations for removal of stains.
  • Avoid softeners - Avoid the use of softeners or use them sparingly as softeners may reduce the strength of the fabrics and also reduce the absorption of the towels.
  • Avoid sharp edges - Ensure that there are no sharp objects e.g. zips and buttons in the laundry process when washing and drying towels.
  • Dust mites - To rid your bedding of dust mites either leave in the sun for a few hours or wash at 40-60ºC with detergent.