To The Gardeners

By Camilla Swart

To quote Marcel Proust – “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

This blog is dedicated to all those wonderful ‘gardeners.’  The people who make a difference in our lives, that leave us feeling positive and energised.


At Linen Drawer, we rely on one another in order to make the business work as a whole.  Everyone matters, everyone is important – we don’t function well without each other. So, first and foremost, thanks to all employed here who ensure that the business runs smoothly. We respect your work at, and commitment to, Linen Drawer.

Thank you!

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Linen Drawer has agents who work tirelessly to represent our products to clients throughout Southern Africa.  They are at the disposal of their clients round the clock and are expected to deal with complex queries and difficult problems on a daily basis. We acknowledge and are grateful for your work.

A huge thank you to our agents!

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Linen Drawer has many loyal retail, décor and hospitality clients who supported us throughout the harsh times as well as the good.  They never waver, their belief in us is wonderful, their support and encouragement monumental. We will not let you down.

 Thank you again and again for your support and belief in us!

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Linen Drawer has wonderful suppliers from whom we buy fabric, thread, pillows, towels, amenities, blankets, duvet inners, mattress and pillow protectors, and all the other products that we offer our customers.  You matter so much to us; we couldn’t exist without you.  Thanks for pulling rabbits out of hats, and making the impossible happen. 

Thanks for being a Linen Drawer supplier!

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All these people mentioned above are the ‘gardeners’ who make us able to bloom and flourish. 

By virtue of their work and effort they allow us to prosper. 

We are grateful for every one of them. 

Thank you!

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