Fitting your fitted sheet correctly… Size and design does matter…

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Good Morning Everyone.

Have you ever struggled with a fitted sheet that just doesn’t want to fit, or that fitted perfectly, but after the first wash it’s so small, you’d need a team to get it to fit on the mattress?

Well if you have, then read on….

This is in fact a common problem that many deal with. It starts already at the door of the manufacturer.

Why do you ask? Well, firstly, all manufacturers are supposed to allow for shrinkage that will take place during washing and drying, especially when done at higher temperatures of 40 degrees and above. Secondly, one must consider the depth of your mattress.

The industry locally and internationally has changed over the years and we don’t only have mattresses that are 25cm’s deep. Nope, we in fact have many extra depth mattresses and also of course, extra length. This means that for the fitted sheet to fit correctly, the manufacturer would have to allow for the mattress depth as well as the length. Many however do not do this and cut corners to save on costs. This is very frustrating for everyone though, as most of us at some time, have ended up with a bed that looks like this picture on the right. Have you experienced this before?

Of course, the best way to go about ensuring that you don’t end up with this, is to go and measure your mattress and then start shopping around. Keep in mind that you need to consider shrinkage and also aim to buy a fitted sheet that has been elasticated all around as this will ensure a better fit. (see below left and right).

Here at Linen Drawer we aim to achieve all of these things and therefore also make up bedding to specification.

Please do contact us for a quotation anytime. We will also advise you anytime and help you in any way we can if you are unsure about what size sheets you need. Rather be safe that sorry as the saying goes and buy the right fit first time round.

This pic on the right is a great example of how it should fit. Remember that even though this seems to be a very logical thing, we’ve had many requests from clients that struggle with finding the perfect fit. Your fitted sheets (and all other bedding) should stop shrinking from around the 3rd to 4th wash. (Depending on your washing temperature etc).

Please do not hesitate to contact us, ánd happy bedding shopping!!