“Confusing bed linen sizes?” Follow this guide to buying the correct size bedding.



My pillow doesn’t fill the pillow case, what has gone wrong? Simple....sizing.

Recently, on a welcome break away holiday, we stayed in an establishment in Las Vegas.  Now of course, being in the bedding industry, we tend to naturally take note of the bedding in all the places we stay. What interested us were a few unexpected yet common mistakes that many make. First things first, ask yourself, have you ever run around the bed trying to make the fitted or flat sheet cover the mattress without success? If so, do read on......

The following are things to consider when buying new bed linen.

  1. Know the size of your bed – Yes of course you must know if it is a double, queen or king size bed (for example) but you must also know if it is standard or extra length as well as the depth of the mattress.

  2. Know the size of the pillows. Are the pillows a standard size of 45 x 70 cm or a king size 50 x 90 cm?  (Pictures below, pillow case in Las Vegas – inner far too small for the cover)

    3.  Buy the correct size products. Ensure that the fitted and flat sheets match the size of the mattress - especially consider the depth. Ensure that the pillow cases and duvet covers match the size of the pillows and duvets. If the “off the shelf” items do not match your mattress then ask us to customise the bed linen for you.

    4.  Buy from a reputable supplier. Ensure that the bed linen has been oversized to allow for shrinkage that will take place during the laundry process.

    Remember to consider comfort, durability and size when next going on your bed linen shopping spree. Do take a look at our site for an indication of sizing on our cotton sheets. Also, ask, ask, ask to make sure you get what you need..