Colours...yesterday, today and tomorrow


Thinking of decorating your bath or bedroom (or any room in your home, hotel or office, for that matter) and want to know what the “ïn” colours are and how to get that perfect look? 

Colour guru’s are notorious for the fanciful names they call the ranges of colours that make up the trends for the year ahead.  We have taken a leaf out of their books and penned our own names for the colours we choose to be representative of 2015 and 2016.  First we need to bring you the COLOUR OF THE YEAR -2016… Taa Daaa!

Colour of the year 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue – a harmonious combination of pastel shades of pink and blue.  This joint colour choice demonstrates the balance between the warm rose tones and the cooler tranquil blue – reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.  Colour gurus have hailed the colours as a depiction of peace, humility and equality, and welcomed the warmth and calming effects of these colours.

See below for a room design from Pantone using these colours.


Linen Drawer had identified the trending colours in décor for 2015/2016 as respectively the following colour palettes – PURE and SAVANNAH.

Colours of PURE are cool, sophisticated and considered. Linen Drawer chose these colours to represent the calm return to caring for the earth, reasoning, harmony, integrity and seriousness associated with darker, cooler colours.   The highlights in this colour palette are a lovely pure stone, a duck egg blue that nods to turquoise, and the marvellous delft blue that moves easily from the lightest cool blues to the deepest Prussian blue.  The complementing colours are rich browns, greeny browns and a deep grey. 

All these colours are available for use as satin-stitching or embroidery embellishments to our range of bed linen.  The other colours are carried through in our range of Horizon Throws, towels and blankets which we supply. 


 Colours of SAVANNAH are warm, mutedly vibrant, and varied.  They definitely carry on from the colours of Pure but are livelier and warm.  Where we saw tones and a seamless flow of colours in Pure, here we have stand out colours – all complementing each other, yet with an underpinning of vibrancy and warm tones. 

Colours to watch out for are the bight ochre yellow, the deep orangey red and the clear lavender tinged blue.  Complementing these are the solid olive green, as well as versatile teal green.  The strong wine colour is particularly beautiful and has great potential as a decorative colour.  These colours are all available as satin-stitching and embroidery colours to choose from. 


If you have been following our blogs, you will have seen we dealt with colour in our first blog titled “FEELING BLUE? SEEING RED?”  Where we explored the effects that colour has on humans, and how to incorporate these colours and the colour symbolism into décor and design. 

By introducing you to the colours we are currently using to embellish our products we hope to share the excitement we have about the past and current trends.  We also feel that everyone should have access to this information.

Linen Drawer has identified the following colours to “watch” for the coming seasons of 2017 and 2018:

We are seeing colours brightening and becoming more solid and sharper.  Black and white offset by deep purple, magenta, warm apricot, classic green.  Grey – pure and simple also features very strongly and is complemented by vibrant yellow, bright blue and paler grey.  The paler milkier tones of sage green, dark brown and pale almond are also still popular.  If you don’t like the more solid colours of the season you can head towards the luxurious purples, apricots, gemstone blues and mauves

Watch Linen Drawer for more exciting trends in colour in the future – remember we can customize your products in any of these colours below to ensure that you are truly fashion forward!