By Camilla Swart

With one sweep of swishy brush stroke colours shape our emotions and moods! 

We have been caught up in the ‘grey-zone’ for long, that I have quite despaired. Don’t get me wrong – grey definitely has its place up there with the ‘best neutrals ever’.
But surely, not the only one?

Enough already.  Time for some new colours.  All of which sit comfortably with grey, by the way.

After a great deal of research, I have identified the colours which are going to shape our décorand design futures. I am really excited to present these to you.

The very first influence is NATURE. The emphasis being on greens – from sage grey to new leaf, with a strong nod to velvety olive and dark foliage. Also in this group are the natural colours of wood,
stone, cinnamon and chestnut.  See below:

We are all trying to find peace and serenity in our homes with the use of quiet soothing colours. Our aim is to create a space for contemplation and meditation – a place for unwinding, re-finding
the purpose and meaning of our lives.

The second influence is COMFORT. Comfort is all about rounded, plush furniture, warm colours, embracing well-being and self-care. Colours such as dusky rose, pinky beige, lightest lavender,
and rich cream all evoke warmth and care. These deepen to aubergine, burgundy and chocolate, including royal purple.  See below:

The third influence is PURPOSE.  This trend asks us all to question the purpose of everything – our rooms, furnishings and colour choices.  Re-using, re-purposing and re-cycling are the concepts that
underpin this movement. The colours associated with this trend are all the blues – from the deepest navy to the lightest, airiest aquamarine. See below:

Then we need to talk about black.  The importance of black as an accent; the exclamation mark on your décor selection. Glamorous and strong, uncompromising black has never been this important.
All shades of black are the new black! 

I've been 40 years discovering that the Queen of all colours is black....  Quote by Auguste Renoir - QuotesLyfe                 

Immersing ourselves in the new colours for the coming seasons can only be beneficial to our mental health, as they are all chosen to reflect our care for ourselves and our environment.
Time to re-think colour choices!