Laundry pics

By Camilla Swart

I can laugh about it now – but at the time I was offended and very prickly for a while.  You see, I had assumed
I knew everything about laundry and could tell anyone how to clean anything!


The moment of truth occurred when I attended a Laundry Training Session hosted by the Linen Drawer CEO,
Jimmy Ferendinos.  It started quite easily, we were given a questionnaire and asked about the wash care
symbols that occur on all labels – clothing, bedding, tabling.  Easy peasy, I thought.  Got them all right too,
this was going to be easy fun. 

Well, that was the start; as the session progressed, it dawned on me, slowly dampening my know-it-all
confidence, that Jimmy knew exactly what he was talking about and I knew very, very little.

The session was so informative, taking us through the wash-care symbols, explaining why they should be
adhered to, and the consequences of not complying with the washing instructions on products.  As Oprah
says, an “aha moment!”  No question was deemed too inconsequential, and the explanations were utterly
understandable and backed by years of experience in the fabric/textile business. 

This training sets Linen Drawer apart from other companies manufacturing and supplying bed and bath linen to
the retail, décor and hospitality industry.  This ability to assist and the dedication to helping solve any laundry
problem is what puts Linen Drawer in a class of its own!

All staff at Linen Drawer are given the Laundry Training, so as to assist with clients’ queries.  This is part of the
superb after sales service that is offered when you purchase a Linen Drawer product. 

There is also no time limit on queries – you can ask for help at any time.  Linen Drawer prides itself on solving
laundry problems, simply, easily and with friendly feedback, which also helps you not have the same problem

I can hear you – “that’s fine, but how do I get hold of this?” Well, easy peasy again. If you are a member of the
hospitality industry, contact Linen Drawer for a Laundry Training session for your Laundry staff.

If you are a retail customer, or even a décor customer, than popping Linen Drawer an email at  with your laundry query will put you on track to having your problem solved.

The Linen Drawer website also has a handy stain removal guide, click on this link:   this will help you with specific problems as well. 
Should you have further queries please contact us on

You are also very welcome to visit our shop in Paarl should you be in the vicinity, and require laundry advice. 
One more thing – Linen Drawer has developed their very own Laundry Detergent! It is available in our
shop and can be ordered through is formulated for safe use on bed and bath
linen and the results are spectacular – at the risk of sounding like a laundry commercial!

Armed with all the above information, I am sure Laundry Day is now going to be much easier.  Remember
this service if free to all Linen Drawer clients – whether you have bought boatloads of product or just a
pillowcase.  It’s our pleasure to help you solve your Laundry Challenges.