Caring for Pure Cotton Percale Bedding

  •  Machine wash at 40°C - Ideally cotton percale products should be washed at 40°C and can be machine washed. This washing temperature will ensure that you get the longest life out of your bedding. We do realise that in certain cases this temperature is too low in order to wash highly soiled products and for that reason we have ensured that our products are oversized to allow for the shrinkage that takes place even at 100°C (the temperature of boiling water).
  • Do not bleach - Cotton fabrics cannot withstand strong bleaching agents. We therefore recommend that in order to achieve a long life span, the products should not be bleached. Again this is not always practical and in order to remove stains it is possible to use a very low concentration of household bleach on the white products. Great care should be taken when using bleach to dilute the bleaching agent before applying it to the fabric and also to ensure that the bleaching is done in cold water. Please follow the safety procedures and recommendations on the bleach container!    
  • Use a warm iron - Cotton fabrics generally require a warm iron to remove the creases after washing. An iron that is too hot may scorch the fabric. We recommend that when ironing the products should be slightly damp. This makes the ironing process easier. Naturally this will also reduce heating/drying costs with benefits to both you and the environment.
  • May be tumble dried - Cotton fabrics will shrink when they are exposed to tumble drying and our products have been oversized to allow for this. Do not over load the tumble drier or over dry the products as this will result in excessive creasing which makes the ironing process more difficult.