A blanket of blessings

By Camilla Swart    

Blanket of blessings  blanket of blessing  blanket of blessing

Where do blankets come from?  Who made the first blanket?  I found myself asking these questions when I was taking out blankets for the approaching winter.  I found the following:

By definition – a blanket is a flat cover made of wool or similar warm material, usually used on a bed.  The term ‘blanket’ is a generalisation of a specific fabric, called Blanket fabric, a heavily napped wool weave pioneered by Thomas Banquette (Blanket), a Flemish weaver who lived in England in the 14th century.

The weaving of blankets was directly linked to the wool trade in England, which soon became famous for woollen products. The strength of the wool industry played a huge role in building the British Empire – trading blankets for furs and other precious raw materials was very common, and the history of this is seen in the traditional Basuto blankets, the Hudson’s Bay point blankets of Canada and the wedding blankets of China.

For lots of cultures a blanket is not just a bed covering. In Mexico the colourful serape is essentially a blanket. The Japanese boro is a patch-work blanket. In Morocco a special blanket is made by the family of the bride prior to her wedding; this ‘hadira’ is worn by the bride, and it is woven with blessing and protection from her family. Native American weavers wove beautiful blankets embodying their spiritual heritage and culture.

Today we all use blankets for different reasons – for décor as throws, and for comfort and warmth on our beds.  Relaxing into the warmth and softness of a blanket is a very basic comfort, and one we can all share.

Blankets in natural cotton have always been a Linen Drawer trade-mark, and we are very proud of them.  They are stylish, colourful (in the latest décor colours) and tested for strength and durability. Our blankets can be machine washed and tumble dried – making your spring cleaning that much easier! 

You can choose between the pure cotton knitted Horizon throws, pure cotton Cellular blankets, overdyed cotton throws, and luxuriously soft acrylic fur-pile Aranda blankets. Having at least one of each is necessary to navigate winter’s chills!


blanket of blessing  blanket of blessing  Horizon Throws


blanket of blessing blanket of blessing blanket of blessing                                                                                         Pure Cotton Over-dye Throws


 blanket of blessing  blanket of blessing  blanket of blessing

Acrylic fur pile Aranda blankets


blanket of blessing   Cellular Blankets


Teaming up a Linen Drawer blanket with Linen Drawer bedding is essential to sleeping comfort. Visit our website (https://www.linendrawer.co.za/throws-blankets) to see our range, or pop into our shop.  Be prepared to have difficulty choosing only one!