Bed Bugs

  • According to the Allergy Society of South Africa there are about 10 000 house-dust mites, small eight-legged creatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye, in the average bed. Feeding on our dead skin scales, they especially enjoy warm and humid places such as our bedding.
  • Placing your mattress in the sun for five hours every week is one method to help kill mites.
  • Washing your bedding at 60 degrees Celsius will deal with them effectively.
  • Replace foam pillows every six months.
  • Turn your mattress monthly.
  • Pull the bedcovers back in the morning to allow the bed to air thoroughly.
  • Avoid padded headboards.
  • Regular vacuuming of mattress does help.
  • Changing and washing bedclothes often will reduce the chances of a full blown infestation.