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15 August 2014

Why does my filling keep moving???

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What are the different types of construction and which one is the best?

There are a number of ways to construct a duvet. The construction of less luxurious duvets will tend to be in channels,
where the filling is enclosed in channels that are sewn through in the length of the duvet.
The problem though with this type of construction is that during the cleaning process and while in use,
the filling will move to the bottom or top of the duvet (Exactly where you don’t want it).


Another type of construction will be the quilted duvet, where smaller sections are created.
These are normally also sewn through, which means the create pockets. These products can be safely laundered
although care must still be taken to follow the care label instructions closely.


The following type is box construction, and it is literally like a box. It has sides and filling in between.
It is a more expensive process and it is a superior product and can safely be washed and tumble dried.