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08 August 2014

Why does my filling keep moving???

Posted in General Information, Duvets & Pillows

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What makes the difference between luxurious and less luxurious duvet and pillow casings?
Does your pillow look like this??? If so keep reading...


The less luxurious products are generally covered with casings made up from non - woven or poly-cotton fabrics,
as these are a less expensive options. The drawback of this type of cover is that it is only suitable for polyester and
hollow fibre inners as micro fibre and down filling will penetrate through the cover,
because of the construction being too open.

The more luxurious products will have coverings made from down proof pure cotton fabrics.
These types of covers are suitable for all filling including down.
The whole idea is that the down proof fabric is so tightly constructed that it will not
allow the down cluster or the feather to come through.