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04 May 2016

What's cool this summer

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Putting the words ‘summer’ and ‘cool’ together may sound like a contradiction, but is it really? Even if our definitions of ‘cool’ vary – not only speaking about temperatures anymore – one thing is certain:  The Linen Drawer Egyptian Cotton gowns tick all the ‘cool’ boxes!

You might well ask….. “How can a gown be cool?”

Consider the following:  Linen Drawer is based in Paarl, in the winelands of South Africa. Here, we know all about heat and humidity and about trying to stay comfortable during our long hot summers. We consider ourselves to be experts on temperature control through the wearing of appropriate clothing. When we relax at home, it’s in our Egyptian cotton gowns!

Egyptian cotton is woven from longer fibres than normal cotton, which gives the fabric both strength and great beauty. Pure Egyptian cotton is ideal on a warm summer’s day as the cotton absorbs perspiration and is cool to wear and feels wonderful to the touch. Our generous sizing provides enough space for air to circulate when wearing the gown which ensures additional coolness to your body. The Egyptian cotton has a sateen weave which lends a sheen and drape to the fabric that provides an experience that can only be described as sheer indulgent luxury. 

These kimono style gowns are generously sized, unisex and very versatile.  They can be worn conventionally or as pool-side gowns, or even as spa gowns.  They have ‘manicure’ length sleeve (three quarter), two deep pockets and are knee length. Linen Drawer is able to personalise the gowns by adding a row of satin-stitching (also known as cording) to the neckband, embroidery to the left or right chest panel, onto the pocket or onto the belt. 

These Egyptian cotton gowns have proved to be some of our best sellers. Customers find that they make excellent gifts – for brides, grooms, husbands, friends, mothers, even grandparents – everyone needs one in their summer wardrobe!  Adding embroidery or satin-stitching in a colour matching the decor of your bedroom, or favourite colour, also makes them an intensely personal gift that is both useful and beautiful – now that’s cool! 

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