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04 January 2017

What does Santa sleep on?

Posted in Duvets & Pillows, Bed Linen, Tabling


Have you ever wondered about the house-hold of Mr and Mrs Claus?  At this time of the year, when stress bites at the mind like a crazed dog, these are the thoughts that cross my mind.  Of course it is escapism, but indulge me?

I know that the old chap (Mr Claus) is busy most of the year creating gifts for old and young with the help of his trusty elves.  Mrs Claus is therefore alone, knitting and housekeeping for Mr, the elves and a pack of reindeer.  Needless to say she is frequently in a bad mood due to lack of self- realization and lack of female company.  Did I mention that she knits?  That is where the Linen Drawer Horizon throws originate from.  Knitted in 100% cotton in the most wonderful colours and different sizes, these throws are in such demand that she has had to start an igloo industry, providing employment for displaced Inuit ladies.

Back to the Claus’s bed – which is where we started.  I know they sleep on the fluffiest white winter sheeting that is only available at Linen Drawer. A very beneficial swop-agreement has been reached – Mrs Claus’s throws…. for winter sheeting from Linen Drawer. Clearly we go to the end of the earth to source great products? 

Apart from the sheeting, they also snuggle under the purest down duvet, which is encased in a beautiful 600 thread count duvet cover.  It has a tasteful embroidery design of snowflakes on the pillowcases and on the duvet cover – in silver thread, of course. 600 Thread count sateen weave fabric is soft and luxurious and so comforting when one has been creating gifts and managing elves all day.

Of course for Christmas dinner Mrs Claus relies on beautiful table linen from the Linen Drawer ranges – either bright and Afro-chic from the Bayede! Range, or classical and extremely stylish from the Linen Drawer range. The only pity is that Christmas dinner always happens on the 26 December!  This is something else which makes Mrs Claus feel slightly grumpy.  That, and a lot of very uppity reindeer all poking their heads into the windows and shouting “Ho Ho Ho!”

Have a very very merry Christmas!

By Camilla Swart