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03 September 2018


Posted in General Information

By Camilla Swart

Spring starts in August. Call me an idiot, but from the start of August I notice a slight softening of the cold air, later sun-sets, birds returning, flowering bulbs like daffodils, freesias and hyacinths sprouting and starting to flower. The jasmine that festoons walls and fences also begin to show small buds, promising the wonderful scents that properly herald spring. August is the month of hope, of anticipation, before the surge of September and spring proper bursts into our senses.

No human prompting is required for the seasons to turn, and therein lies the absolute wonder of spring. The certain and sure herald of new growth, new life and the promise of the warmth of a summer to come.

Slow and sure… the days lengthen, buds turn into flowers and leaves, green tips are everywhere and the air is scented and soft. Birds and insects are suddenly active and early mornings are filled with new birdsong, as well as the bubbling chirps of returning swallows.

At Linen Drawer we are busy – as the proverbial bees – with new products and designs to herald the spring excitement. Watch our website and newsletter for forthcoming launches and products…because as sure as summer follows autumn, we have been very busy. We are inspired and ready to meet the new season with products that will complement and enhance our beautiful established ranges of bed and table linen.

Stop and smell the flowers – we do…and can recommend it!