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01 March 2018

Moving On Swiftly?

Posted in Decor and Style

By Camilla Swart

Anyone who has moved house, flat or business will agree when I say that moving is an emotional and stressful time.  The warm glow of anticipation, the bright dream of new home/office/business premises, all fade day by day – whittled away by planning, planning and still more planning. 

Linen Drawer and Linen Drawer Manufacturing are moving premises in the last week of February/ early March. We have planned the move very carefully, in order to ensure a seamless transition and keep our clients’ orders rolling out, and hope that the execution is as meticulous as the planning.  Our customers’ requirements always come first, and our intention is minimum disruption and a smooth transfer from one location to the next.

In reality the excitement tends to bubble out every time we visit or think about the new premises which Linen Drawer will be relocating to.  A fizzy, sort of breathless feeling takes hold of us, and we start grinning like idiots and say things like “this is so great, we will eventually have enough space!” and “I am looking forward to having a lovely big showroom/office/factory”.

Of course, this doesn’t happen simultaneously to all of us.  We could be sitting in a production meeting, and someone will have that crazy grin spread across their face and say “I am looking forward to having outside seating for the staff canteen!”  Then Jimmy, our CEO, says “Guys, let’s focus please?” then it’s back to business again.

So, a sneak peek:   Linen Drawer, 12F Louws Avenue, Paarl will have a bigger factory, more storage space, offices for all our admin staff, shady parking in front of the building for our customers, a large showroom/shop on the ground floor with a nook for partners, space to host training and promotions and security cameras for safety.

Of course, we are going to have a launch party as soon as we are happily settled, and we’ll invite all the neighbours too. There is a lovely décor store down the road, and rumours of an upmarket coffee shop opening right next door.  Truly a one stop décor and lifestyle destination. We look forward to welcoming you at Linen Drawer, 12F Louws Avenue, Paarl, from the 7 March 2018.

All we have to do now is survive the actual, physical move of a business that has been in the same premises for almost eight years, and a fully equipped bed linen manufacturing plant that has been growing rapidly for four and a half years!  Wish us luck!