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30 November 2016

Sleep like an Egyptian

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 By Camilla Swart

Have you ever wondered why Egyptian Cotton is so in demand?  Why it is so special?  After a little investigation I found the following:

Gossypium Barbadense is the Latin name for extra-long staple cotton.  This is a species of the cotton plant that has extra-long fibres, and yields high quality fabric when spun and woven into fabric.  Varieties of ELS (extra-long staple) cotton are Sea Island, Pima, Gizas, Suvin, and Xinjiang.

The cotton plant is frost sensitive perennial plant that has yellow flowers and black seeds.  It grows into a small bushy tree, and yields cotton with long silky fibres.

This type of cotton is planted all over the world – the West Indies, Central America, Australia, Western Africa, and of course Egypt.

So Egyptian Cotton is the cultivar Gossypium Barbadense grown in Egypt. It is usually harvested or picked by hand, resulting in less damage to the fibres. The length of the fibre allows the weaving of the finest yarns, without sacrificing strength.  This also allows deep dye penetration resulting in wonderfully bright colours.  It is very soft and wonderfully luxurious, and without hesitation can be hailed as the finest cotton in the world.

Unfortunately “Egyptian Cotton” has become a buzz-word for anyone claiming to be selling up market and luxury cotton goods.  Do not be fooled – make sure the supplier of your products is aware of the authentication and certification of Egyptian cotton fabrics and products.

You can be assured that products bought at Linen Drawer, and sold as Egyptian Cotton, are actually that.  Linen Drawer manufactures wonderfully luxurious bedding from 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton sateen weave fabric.  We buy from certified suppliers of Egyptian Cotton, and our fabric is strictly quality tested so that a consistent standard is assured.

Sleeping on the finest Egyptian Cotton is an amazing experience.  Such comfort is purely addictive!