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20 November 2016


Posted in Stain removal

By Camilla Swart

The festive season and entertaining go hand in hand. These are good times, but even in good times we have our challenges. Ever watched as a glass of wine is knocked over, curry is spilled or coffee is splashed across our beautiful Linen Drawer table linen

At Linen Drawer we don’t only make Bed linen in wonderful Egyptian cotton, Pure Linen and crisp percale, we also make beautiful Table Linen. As a service to our customers, we offer Stain Removal tips on our website are an additional service Click Here to view more stain removal tips (takes one to ). So the despair you feel when faced with stains might become something of the past now. 

Let’s tackle the Wine stains first; don’t apply cold water and salt to the table cloth – instead reach for a little soda water or just plain water if it’s handy. As soon as you can, wash in plenty of warm water and if the stain persists, rub with a little glycerine (available at most pharmacies) and wash as normal.

Then the Curry – reach for the glycerine again. First rinse in warm water, then rub with glycerine and let it stand for about 30 minutes, then wash normally.

As for the Coffee and the Tea which you may think will ruin the heirloom tabling – think again!  Coffee is easier to get rid of, just rinse the stain with warm water, and then wash normally. Tea tends to stain, but the trusty glycerine to the rescue!  Rinse the tea stain with warm water, apply glycerine and then wash normally.

I will continue with more pesky stains in my next mini blog – look out for it!