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30 October 2018


Posted in Duvets & Pillows, Your Comfort

By Camilla Swart

Today we are asking where you lay your head? Your pillow is your most important companion to sleep. We at Linen Drawer are specialists when it comes to sleeping comfort, as our whole business is built around this ethos.

Does your pillow bear examining, or is it smelly, stained and generally not fit to be under your head?  If you suspect that you may need a new pillow, you probably do!

How to choose?  Where to start? I have researched the matter, and the following guidelines apply:

Ask yourself three questions –

- What is my favourite sleeping position?

- Do I like soft or firm pillows?

- Am I allergic to feathers?

Your preference for soft or firm pillows is based on habit and experience. Your decision naturally, but consider the information below before you decide. 

If you sleep on your back, you will generally need a medium firm pillow that provides just enough support so that your head is aligned with your spine. If you sleep on you stomach, you need a flat pillow that gives little support and doesn’t angle your head. Side sleepers need a pillow that bridges the gap between your head and shoulder, usually a firm to medium pillow.

Allergies to down and feathers are often not caused by the filling, but by the dust mites that are attracted to feathers and down that are not scrupulously clean. It is advised to wash pillows and duvet inners regularly (watch our next blog for laundering tips). Choose feather and down pillows from reputable suppliers – like Linen Drawer- who ensure that their products are clean and discourage allergies -

If the mere sight of a feather causes you to sneeze – then you may want to consider another filling such a microfibre, wool, cotton, silk, buckwheat or latex. 

Linen Drawer stocks luxurious microfibre and spiral puff pillows, in a medium firmness, in cotton casings, to ensure sleeping comfort and ease of laundering.

In addition to microfibre pillows, Linen Drawer also stocks down and feather pillows in two configurations:

- Feather/down 80/20% - this is a soft, very comfortable pillow that moulds to your head when sleeping, while providing light support.

- Three-chamber down/feather – this pillow is new to the Linen Drawer stable and has a unique construction, having an ‘inner’ of feathers and an ‘outer’ layer of down.  This ensures that you benefit from the firmer support of the feathers, while enjoying the supreme sleeping comfort of down.

All Linen Drawer pillows are cased in 100% pure down-proof cotton, ensuring cool, comfortable sleeping. They are scrupulously checked for fill quality and consistency and should give you years of service.

All down and feather products from Linen Drawer carry certification from the International Down and Feather Bureau, which certifies that the products have been ethically sourced. ( )

Sleeping comfort is only ensured if you choose pillow-cases in natural fibres that allow your head to ‘breathe’ and remain cool throughout the night. At Linen Drawer we can assist you in all aspects of choosing pillows and pillowcases…. that will ensure your sleep is restful and beneficial.

Let the friendly, trained staff at Linen Drawer assist you with all your pillow-queries. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.