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26 November 2016

Our Grateful Lives

Posted in General Information

By Camilla Swart








The meaning of the word “gratitude” is - the quality or feeling of being thankful or grateful.

Why are we discussing this now?  Well the short answer is that we have so much to be grateful for, especially at this time of year when the rush towards Christmas, the holidays and a New Year accelerate time into the smallest units and cause sharpness and stress.

At Linen Drawer I am grateful for the opportunity to work in an environment which tests and challenges me every day. At Linen Drawer we are privileged to work with wonderful 100% cotton percale, 100% pure white linen, Egyptian cotton, silky soft 600 thread count cotton sateen, crisp and crackling 300 thread count percale and all the other exquisite products which we buy in for our clients’ requirements.  Our bedding and table linen is unique and comes backed with service and commitment to give our clients only the very best. 

We are grateful to our clients, without whom we would have no purpose or function. They continually challenge us to provide great service, innovative solutions and create new products to meet their requirements.

We are grateful that we are based in Paarl – an unsung gem in the Western Cape.  To be surrounded by beauty does make a difference to our daily workload.  The heat in summer is always a topic of discussion and in winter the big question is “have you seen all the snow on the mountain?”  We welcome visitors because we are proud of our town and our business, and all we have achieved and that our customers have helped us achieve.  So please visit us, and see what we are doing here in this corner of the Boland.

We at Linen Drawer; the agents, management and staff all want to thank our clients – THANK YOU for supporting Linen Drawer.  Have a wonderful holiday season and go safely into the New Year, so that we can work together in 2017!