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29 January 2018


Posted in Decor and Style

By Camilla Swart

This year has started with the Colour of the Year being pinned as Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet.  It is a complex shade of purple, towards the cooler end of the colour spectrum.  It suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, what lies ahead, and discoveries beyond where we are now.

Purple has always been symbolic with counter-culture, unconventionality and artistic brilliance – think Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix. The colour Ultra Violet suggests experimentation and pushing boundaries.  Of course, purple has also been the colour of royalty, wealth and ecclesiastical power - it’s richness and depth adding status and a mystical quality to the wearer.  Consider the fact – it is a deep jewel colour, but not black, or dark blue or red – somehow a mix of all, which attracts and elevates us.

Purple’s message is of mindfulness and depth in a world that seems obsessed with the superficial and instant.  There is nothing superficial about Ultra Violet!

How to use it?  Granted that few of us will rush out and paint our walls in this wonderful shade, but it is surprisingly versatile.  It mixes very well with last year’s colour Greenery, as well as many shades of grey, blue, violet, green and pink. It serves as very attractive accent and anchors any colour scheme with seriousness and positive direction.

At Linen Drawer we are excited to inform you that you can start decorating right away by using our beautiful Horizon throws in colour Heather.  Made of 100% cotton, super soft and comfy, their muted purple colour will enhance any bedroom scheme. (

We can also customise any bedding you choose, with wonderful embroidery and satin stitching in colours that are on trend and reflect the colour of the year, enabling you to update any bedroom colour scheme without fuss or hassle.

With the mindfulness and mysticism that Ultra Violet bring to the New Year, it is time to evaluate and reflect on our own lives.  Time to kick over the traces slightly, non-conform, realise the possibilities of a little magic. May the colour of the year inspire and invigorate your psyche!