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28 June 2017

Midwinter Celebrations

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By Camilla Swart

MIDWINTER - A time of the solstice – the longest night and shortest day.  A time when the rhythm of time and days is subtly slowed and altered.  A time of sharing and feasting. A celebration of the solstice as the days lengthen from then onwards.  A time for connecting with our loved ones and families in celebration of life and living. A time of quiet reflection and the promise of future growth.

During these chilly winter days, our natural inclination is to turn inwards, contemplating and meditating.  Spend more time listening, watching and honouring the slower, quieter rhythm of the season.  Sharing of time or hospitality is also a way of honouring the season.  It shows a faith in the coming harvest and plentiful times that lie ahead. 

Traditionally the Yule time feast, or Midwinter feasts, happen to coincide with Christmas.  But in the Southern Hemisphere midwinter is on June 21, the time of the winter solstice, and it seems silly to celebrate Christmas then. 

The solution is quite simply to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas/Yule during the time of Midwinter.  The love, caring and feasting which one associates with Christmas festivities are easy to translate into our Southern Hemisphere winter months.  Who needs an excuse to be hospitable?

During the Midwinter celebrations, homes were decorated with evergreen branches to signify everlasting life, and the colours of red, gold, white and green were used to honour the pagan spirits and gods.  No one was turned away at the Midwinter or Yule feasts. Today we keep those traditions – decorating our homes and showing hospitality to family, friends and even strangers.

At Linen Drawer, we make it very easy for you to join in this wonderful time.  We have the most gorgeous Designer Table Linen with which to adorn your Midwinter feast table

Our Bayede range of table linen boasts a pure red set of table runner, place mats and table napkins – all brightly finished with contrasting ric-rac braid in the colours of the festival.

 For less adventurous tables choose one of the designs from the Linen Drawer range:  Purest WhiteClassical Damask, and Luxury Satin. (  All these would ensure that your table during the Midwinter celebrations is ultra-stylish and a fitting tribute to the spirit of the days.

Picture the warm firelight glinting off glasses and plates laid on beautiful Linen Drawer Table Linen, candles lighting steaming bowls of tasty hearty food.  The simplest meal becomes a feast, a celebration of life!

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