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18 December 2017


Posted in Mattress and Pillow Protectors

By Camilla Swart

Mattress and Pillow protectors Mattress and Pillow protectors

How often do you take a good look at the mattresses and pillows in your home? Chances are… not very often. Did you know that clean fresh pillows and mattresses contribute significantly to sleep comfort?

At Linen Drawer we are committed to helping you select pillow and mattress protectors that work for you. The small cost of protectors for pillows and mattresses is far outweighed by their benefits.

A quick run through of the many benefits will serve to enlighten you:

There are 4 differing types of Mattress and Pillow protectors available. They are Terry towelling, Waterproof, Quilted, and Laminated. The following characteristics will assist you with selecting the correct product:

Terry Towelling:

• Pure cotton terry towelling
• Prevents perspiration transfer
• Breathable
• Not waterproof or dust mite proof.

Waterproof: (not readily available any longer)

• Old technology
• Terry cotton towelling with PVC coating
• Waterproof and dust mite proof
• Not breathable – uncomfortable
• Noisy – crackling noise
• Peels after repeated washing


• Multiple layers with polyester filling
• Prevents perspiration transfer
• Breathable
• Not waterproof or dust mite proof

Laminated: (also known as Waterproof)

• Two layers of fabric and waterproof PU laminate
• Prevents perspiration transfer
• Waterproof and dust mite proof
• Breathable

You can see that there are obvious differences between the products available, and they are suited for different uses. It would be wise to chat to the informed staff at Linen Drawer when purchasing, or have a look at the products at