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18 December 2017


Posted in Stain removal

By Camilla Swart

make-up stain make-up stainmake-up stain

At Linen Drawer we hear all the woes of laundry day – red wine, blood, sunblock, and the dreaded make-up stains!  Of course, as a host it is impossible to forbid guests to wear make-up, but these stains do seem to be tougher than most to eradicate from bed linen and towels.

A two-step approach works best – firstly treat the stain as soon as possible. Do not allow the stain to “set”. Then you will need the following:

1. Old towel to put behind the stain you are treating
2. Good quality liquid dishwasher
3. Small soft brush – old toothbrush
4. Hydrogen peroxide solution 3%
5. Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)
6. Baby wipes
7. Small soft cloth for rubbing stain

If the stain is “fresh” try rubbing gently with Baby wipe. If stain persists – identify what you think it is. Lipstick is best treated with rubbing alcohol on the small cloth.

Mascara, eye-liner, eye-shadow, and blusher respond well to dishwashing detergent and warm water. Place the towel behind the stain, apply the “solution” and rub gently with either the soft toothbrush or small cloth. Allow the worked-on stain to stay with the solution on, and then rinse in tepid water (never hot, as it might “set’ remnants of the stain). If stain persists repeat treatment. Once stain has been removed, launder whole item as normal. Do not iron before checking whether stains are completely removed.

Liquid foundation can be removed with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Dampen small cloth and apply to stain. Follow the same procedure as above and then launder as normal, taking care not to iron before you are sure the stain totally gone.

To remove nail polish – hopefully sooner than later – use acetone (nail polish remover) to stain with small cloth and dab until all is absorbed and polish is removed. Launder as normal.

Lipstick stainLipstick stainLipstick stain

Kiss stains goodbye following the above procedures! Remember the friendly staff at Linen Drawer are always ready to assist with any stain removal problems.