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28 July 2017

Longer Nights & Shorter Days

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Winter used to be a time of hardship and suffering, characterised by starvation and death. Fortunately, that is no longer the case, and enjoying the winter months is a very real option for many of us.  With this in mind, may I make a few suggestions for filling the rather short winter days and long evenings?

Take advantage of the time indoors and take an online course or tutorial – learn to make something or polish an existing skill.  Take a nap – of course under your Linen Drawer bedding or throws, but make serious and guiltless use of time indoors.  Take this idea one step further by having a whole day as a ‘pyjama day’.  Involve the family and read or watch television or home movies whilst lounging in bed. 

Make some cookies or soup, and invite friends to share – a short winter’s day becomes even shorter when shared with friends and family.  Lay the table beautifully, using your beautiful Linen Drawer table linen, polish the crystal glasses and treat your guests to a luxurious meal.  The simplest food, presented beautifully, tastes absolutely delightful.  If you don’t want the hassle of a full meal, try giving an afternoon tea party.  Involve all members of the family in the preparing of tea time treats and decorating the tea table.

Does this sound too tame?  Well then spend an hour doing some exercise or yoga.  Online courses are often aimed at absolute beginners and it could be a fun way of involving the whole family for a couple of hours. Take advantage of a crisp winter’s day to take your dog for a walk – dress warmly, be brisk and the great feeling of being outdoors will warm you all day. 

If you have smaller children, a story time hour is always fun- either read stories aloud, or make up your own.  Give them a chance to add to the story.  Get comfy under warm blankets and enjoy discovering the extent of a child’s imagination.

My ultimate favourite winter pastime is snuggling under a warm throw from Linen Drawer, a cat on my lap and reading a book by a favourite author.  This is not very sociable, as my family reminds me repeatedly, but it is the only time that I can zone out and enjoy some ‘me’ time. When their nagging gets to me, I spring into action; cook something hearty and healthy, tidy a drawer or cupboard, sort out a wardrobe and generally perform domestic miracles until they beg me to go back to my book! Mission accomplished!

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